Old Boys

Reveille 0515h
Bed Tea 0525h
PT 0600h - 0645h
Breakfast 0740h - 0800h
Assembly 0815h - 0845h
Classes 0830h - 1325h (On Assembly days: 0845 - 1330)
Lunch 1340h - 1400h
Rest 1400h - 1500h
After Noon Class 1500h - 1600h
Tea 1600h - 1615h
Games/Clubs / NCC/ Swimming 1615h - 1715h
Supervised Evening Studies 1815h - 2005h
Dinner 2010h - 2030h
Roll Call & Communication Skills 2030h - 2100h
Lights Out (Jrs / Sub-Jrs) 2200h
Self Studies (Srs /Class X) 2130h - 2300h
Lights Out (Srs) 2300h
SSB Trg.Every 4th Saturday 1045h - 1330h
SUPW Saturday
Clubs Wednesday
Film Show 2nd and 4th Saturdays




: 2357505


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